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For fresh, quality and delicious salad products, Betts Boxes is the way to go!

Betts Boxes

With the long history of supplying local wholesalers and the London fresh produce markets; the brand has built up ever increasing popularity all over the UK. With the businesses primary focus on quality and service, the product range has constantly grown and can now be sourced all year round.

“My company has been selling boxes of Betts farm produce for many years. Our customers have grown to appreciate and rely on the consistency and quality that the Betts brand signifies. The loyalty that they show to the Betts boxes reflects the exceptional attention to detail of the team at Church Farm.

Selling produce in the Betts box range has been an immense privilege over the years. The presentation and quality standards of L J Betts’ produce justify the loyalty shown to the brand by all our customers. The Betts team ensure that continuous development allows their product to match changing consumer expectations.” Andrew Thorogood, S Thorogood & Son Ltd, London

Frequently asked questions

What products do you pack? During the out of season period (November to April) we are packing wholehead lettuce, spinach, rocket, red chard and a mixed babyleaf pack.  During the growing season, our whole range of babyleaf and wholehead products are packed and available to customers.

Who do you supply? We supply a very large range of customers, from farm shops to large catering companies, local wholesalers to restaurants. Our product is widely known and bought all around the UK by a vast array of businesses.

How do I buy Betts Boxes? Our products are available to buy from the fresh produce markets in London or by contacting the farm directly.

Sales and order enquires

Tel: 01732843412 or Fax: 01732874070

Is there a minimum order I have to make? No order is too small or too large at LJ Betts Ltd!

Is the product locally produced? During the growing season between May and October, Betts Boxes will be locally produced salad products grown by the team at LJ Betts Ltd in Kent. Due to the climate, the out of season products will be sourced from Europe.

How much do you charge? Please contact sales and order enquiries for pricing and availabilities.

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